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Няма выявы
Імя файла HistoryPP.dll
Аўтары theMIROn, Art Fedorov
Стабільная версія: 32-bit, 64-bit
Апошняя версія: 32-bit, 64-bit

Easy, fast and feature-rich history viewer for Miranda NG.

This message log is incompatible with protocols that use offline files (Discord, ICQ, Jabber). If you want to be able to receive files using these protocols, please select some other message log.


  • Advanced contact's history with
    • Find-as-you-type
    • Customizable styles
    • Instant filtering
    • Export to html, xml, txt
    • View all conversations with the contact in separate tree
  • Very fast history search within all your contacts
  • It's fast! History++ is developed with speed in mind.
  • It's easy! Despite having many features, we care much about interface simplicity and user satisfaction.

Hidden settings

There are additional options in History++ which are hidden in Miranda database. To edit them you will need Database Editor plugin.

You may need to create these values yourself. You might need to restart Miranda for changes to take effect. However, the developers claim most of the changes to be instantaneous.
Key Тып Value Апісанне
DateTimeFormat Радок See Date and time formatting
Default: 'c'
Tells how to format displayed date-time info. Used in history grids and in Event Details dialog.
FormatCopy Радок See Text formatting The template which controls the Copy (Ctrl+C) command
FormatCopyText Радок The template which controls the Copy Text (Ctrl+T) command
FormatReplyQuoted Радок The template which controls the Reply Quoted command
FormatReplyQuotedText Радок The template which controls the Reply Quoted command from pseudo-edit mode
FormatSelection Радок The template used for events (or selected text in pseudo-edit mode) formatting
ProfileName Радок Preferred nick
Default: empty, protocol-based profile names are used
Nickname which overrides protocol-based profile names.
Used in history, search, message log and export, but not in Event Details window.

Tips and tricks

  • Open history viewer and press F10 to enable main menu with toolbar buttons duplicated in it. The feature is meant to make History++ convenient for blind people. Once you enable the menu, it will always be present in all history windows that have toolbar. You can hide it from the menu itself any time.
  • In addition you can hide the toolbar, but you'll need to download and install Database Editor plugin to do it. Open Database Editor, navigate to Settings → HistoryPlusPlus and create HistoryToolbar string setting if it doesn't exist already. If it does, edit it and make it empty (delete all the contents (Value Data) in the setting, but not the item itself!). If you create new one, leave it empty. The next time you open history window, toolbar will be hidden. To show it again, just delete HistoryToolbar setting (this time delete the whole setting itself, not its contents).

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