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DateTimeFormat STRING key is used to change date/time representation in history grid. You will need Database Editor plugin to add/edit the key.

Simple examples

Example: January 2, 2006 3:05:44

Value Result Note
c 02/01/2006 3:05:44 Date and time format is default system format
ddd, mmm d, yy Mon, Jan 2, 06
dd/mm/yyyy hh:nn:ss 02/01/2006 3:05:44
dddd, d mmmm, yyyy Monday, 2 January, 2006
hh:nn am/pm 03:05 am am/pm converts time to 12-hour format
h:n:s a/p 3:5:44 a a/p converts time to 12-hour format


Here is the full list of variables with examples given for date and time January 2, 2006 3:05:44

Value Description Example
y Year last 2 digits 06
yy Year last 2 digits 06
yyyy Year as 4 digits 2006
m Month number without leading zero 1
mm Month number with leading zero 01
mmm Short month name Jan
mmmm Full month name January
d Day number without leading zero 2
dd Day number with leading zero 02
ddd Short day name Mon
dddd Full day name Monday
ddddd Date as short date format (system-dependent) 02/01/2006
dddddd Date as long date format (system-dependent) 02 January 2006
h Hour without leading zero 3
hh Hour with leading zero 03
n Minute without leading zero 5
nn Minute with leading zero 05
s Second without leading zero 44
ss Second with leading zero 44
z Millisecond without leading zero 21
zzz Millisecond as 3 digits 021
am/pm Time in 12-hour format with "am" or "pm" am
a/p Time in 12-hour format with "a" or "p" a
t Short time format (system-dependent) 3:05
tt Long time format (system-dependent) 3:05:44
c Short date format + long time format (system-dependent) 02/01/2006 3:05:44

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