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The core and the most important plugins that are included in Miranda NG distribution by default. To run Miranda, you need at least a database driver and some protocol plugin in its Plugins folder. However, there are plugins that provide enhanced functionality and additional features support and thus are used very often. That's why Miranda comes with bunch of plugins, so that everyone could choose plugins to their taste/needs.

With the installer you may choose during the installation process not to install the plugins you don't want/plan to use. When using the archive, you have to remove the unwanted plugins manually. The set of plugins within the installer slightly differs from that in the archive, the difference is pointed out in the list below.


Core folder includes the standard modules – plugins for basic messaging dialog, contact list, group chat support, etc. They are loaded only if their "substitutes" are not found in Plugins folder. This reduces the memory usage when the standard modules are replaced with other plugins with enhanced functionality.

The standard Miranda NG core modules are:

In Miranda IM they were either available as separate plugins (chat.dll, clist_classic.dll and srmm.dll) or were built-in into Miranda IM core.



The protocols included in the distribution. See DownloadDownload page for the list of protocols supported by Miranda NG.

Service plugins

Plugins that provide services for basic Miranda functionality:

Contact lists

A contact list is required to run Miranda. The standard StdClist can be replaced with the following plugins:

Messaging dialogs

A messaging dialog plugin is required to run Miranda. The standard StdMsg can be replaced with the following plugins:

Database drivers

Plugin Dbx_mdbx is essential to run Miranda NG.

Other plugins

These are optional but useful.

  • Import – imports contacts and messages
  • PluginUpdater – updates Miranda plugins and components (icons and langpacks); also allows you to install these components using Miranda interface
  • TopToolBar – adds button bar to Clist_modern and Clist_nicer

Other files

  • Icons folder – contains icons for protocols and other plugins
  • Libs folder – contains Visual C++ Redistributable libraries and third-party libraries required by Miranda
  • mirandaboot.iniMirandaboot.ini – contains the information required to get Miranda up and running

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