Miranda NG MDBX database driver

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Miranda NG MDBX database driver

Filename Dbx_mdbx.dll
Author Miranda NG team
Download links
Stable version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Development version: 32-bit, 64-bit

Plugin does not work under Wine.

Provides Miranda database support: global settings, contacts, history, settings per contact.

Based on libmdbx library.

Database repair

mdbx_dump.exe and mdbx_load.exe are located in the Miranda root folder.

mdbx_dump.exe -n -a -f "%TEMP%\corrupted.tmp" "path\to\corrupted.dat"
mdbx_load.exe -n -f "%TEMP%\corrupted.tmp" "path\to\repaired.dat"

This extracts as much data as possible from the corrupted.dat to the temporary file and builds repaired.dat.