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Імя файла Facebook.dll
Аўтары Michal Zelinka, Robert Pösel
Стабільная версія: 32-bit, 64-bit
Апошняя версія: 32-bit, 64-bit
Іншае: Smiley pack (with Emoji)
IEView template,

Падтрымка пратакола Facebook ў Miranda NG.

Issue #2207 Protocol does not support two-factor authorization.



  • If you can't login in your Miranda, make sure you can login in your web browser. It may be some (unsupported) security check or Facebook's fault.
  • If you account was blocked for suspicious activity, be sure to change the password, the old password will no longer work in Miranda.


How to show stickers?

There are 3 ways to show stickers in your message window:

  1. Via SmileyAdd's "Stickers" – you need to enable it in FB account options, but it won't work very good:
    • it works only for single conversations
    • it works only for incoming messages
    • it works only occasionally – somehow it just won't show anything, I'm not sure why.
    • it works only on newly received messages, it usually won't show historical stickers for history messages (after Miranda restart).
    It's bad because of how it is implemented in SmileyAdd. Could be improved in future, but it must be done on SmileyAdd's side.
  2. Via IEView:
    • you need to use (or create) IEView template that has javascript code for transforming URLs to images/thumbnails (here)
      • as image URL is also shown in sticker message, you don't need some special template to work with stickers, as templates usually transform all URLs to image thumbnails (but of course you can use special code only for stickers)
    • this won't work in group chats, because IEView is not supported there.
  3. Via sticker pack
    • you need to prepare own smiley pack:
      • define [[sticker:123456789]] as smiley string (with different numeric IDs) and attach wanted image (manually download it)
    • you will see only stickers defined in your smiley pack (but as classic smileys = will work all the time)
    • you can also send stickers (by sending the above mentioned string as whole message – without other text).

Hidden settings

To add/change these options you will need Database Editor plugin.

Налада Тып Значэнне
па змаўчанні
Agent Радок Spoof client to the specified value.