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Version: 0.96.2


Released: in development

Core and libraries

UserInfo -> UI classes

  • updated libcurl library.


  • Jabber
    • Miranda will no longer try to use OMEMO for private messages in group chats.

Jabber: option for message delivery to control all chat markers according to XEP-0333 fixes #3095 (Групировка цифр и букв в ключе OMEMO)

    • Issue #3072 removed Google Talk preset. Google is shutting down third party client access to Google Talk.


StdMsg: patch against flicker

fixes #3086 (tabSRMM: не полностью отображается подсказка к кнопке отправки) fixes #3090 (tabSRMM: Cannot send message by Alt+S)

fixes #3099 (StopSpam: убрать инверсную логику)

For developers