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Version: 0.96.2

Rev.: v0.96.2

Veröffentlicht: 2. März 2023

Kern und Bibliotheken

  • Autoexec system
    • Issue #3113 added the ability to import .ini files at the same time as converting the database.
    • Issue #3120 increased the maximum allowable size of an .ini file from 2048 to 16384 bytes.
  • added StatusManager into base package.
  • improved HiDPI support (still experimental and disabled by default).
  • updated libcurl, OpenSSL, SQLite, toxcore and zlib libraries.
  • renamed Edit button in account manager to Rename.


  • Jabber
    • added initial XEP-0166: Jingle support (very experimental) and corresponding Enable VOIP option (thx @deadsend).
    • XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload
      • added HTTP File Upload autodetection (thx @deadsend). Option will be automatically enabled if the server supports this XEP.
      • added code to handle file size error, if HTTP File Upload service sets the limit.
    • XEP-0384: OMEMO
      • Issue #3095 improved readability of OMEMO keys.
      • Miranda will no longer try to use OMEMO for private messages in group chats.
    • added XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams autodetection (thx @deadsend).
    • Issue #3116 deleting a chat room from the contact list now results in an immediate exit from that chat room.
    • Issue #3122 fixed display of incorrect time in group chats.
    • fixed flickering in XML console window.
    • Issue #3124 all Edit buttons now have an "edit" icon instead of a "rename" icon.
    • Issue #3072 removed Google Talk preset. Google is shutting down third party client access to Google Talk.
    • Issue #3110 removed Jabber frame and corresponding Disable frame option.
  • Steam
    • fixed frequent disconnections.


  • Clist_modern
    • Issue #3141 user will no longer be prompted to create a metacontact when dragging a contact onto another contact if metacontact support is disabled.
  • Db_autobackups
    • Issue #3133 renamed Disabled and Disable progress bar options to Enabled and Enable progress bar respectively.
  • StdMsg
    • fixed flickering in message window.
    • Issue #3106 fixed breakage of fonts after dynamic loading of the plugin.
    • fixed window minimization in tabbed mode.
  • StdUserInfo
    • userinfo sections are replaced by a tree.
    • Issue #3130 plugin now looks for the date of birth first in the UserInfo module, then in the protocol module.
    • Issue #3132 fixed adding "User details" menu item to the contact menu when loading the plugin dynamically.
  • StopSpam
    • Issue #3099 renamed Disable protection for following accounts: option to Enable protection for following accounts:.
  • tabSRMM
    • fixes #3086 (tabSRMM: не полностью отображается подсказка к кнопке отправки)
    • fixes #3090 (tabSRMM: Cannot send message by Alt+S)
    • fixes #3108 (tabSRMM doesn't take typing notification settings for unknown contacts into consideration) + code cleaning
    • fixes #3126 (tabSRMM: "Colorize nickames in member list" chat option)
    • fixes #3128 (tabSRMM: автодополнение ника (Tab) добавляет пробел, если включены настройки про добавление к нику двоеточия/запятой, и не добавляет, если они отключены)
    • fixes #3129 (tabSRMM: распространить опции "добавлять двоеточие/точку с запятой" (при автозавершении ника) на двойной клик по нику)
    • fixes #3127 (tabSRMM: сделать настройки про добавление двоеточия и запятой взаимоисключающими)
    • renamed Colorize nicknames in member list and Maximum size for log files (in KB) options to Colorize nicknames in member list (you need to adjust colors) and Split into files (in KB) respectively.
    • removed "Client not cached yet" message from [Plugin:TabSRMM/Info panel|info panel].
  • UInfoEx
    • Issue #3130 plugin now looks for the date of birth first in the UserInfo module, then in the protocol module.
    • removed the ability to backup date of birth (it conflicts with the current birthdays' storage schema).
    • Issue #3137 fixed display of the date of birth in which there is no year of birth.
    • fixed random crash.
  • WhenWasIt
    • Issue #3130 date of birth is now always written to the UserInfo module, not to protocol module. Plugin now looks for the date of birth first in the UserInfo module, then in the protocol module.

Für Entwickler

  • added Utils_CorrectFontSize — a function for dynamic font size adjustment.
  • added Contact_IsGroupChat — a helper to detect chat rooms.