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Version: 0.95.12


Released: in development

Todo: Discord state and 2215

Core and libraries

  • updated libmdbx and PCRE libraries.


  • Facebook
    • added sending "Marked read" notifications support.
    • restored option to keep messages unread at the server.
  • ICQ
    • Issue #2201 file transfers are implemented as file transfers now, because links aren't clickable.
  • Twitter
    • major code rework due to changed API.
    • Issue #2218 added support for direct messages.
    • Issue #2193 if we send tweets as messages, treat them as unread messages.
    • removed Base URL option.


  • Clist_modern
    • from now accounts in "Configure view modes" window are displayed by their visual names, not by physical protocol names.
    • Issue #2191 view modes did not work correctly when offline contacts are always shown.
    • Issue #2198 reopen of "Configure view modes" window no longer resets checkboxes on "Sticky contacts" tab.
    • Issue #2208 fixed button text change on view mode change.

For developers

  • Netlib_Dump exported from mir_app.