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Rev.: v0.95.10.1

Veröffentlicht: 8. Februar 2019

Kern und Bibliotheken

  • updated BASS, FreeImage, libcurl, libmdbx, toxcore, and SQLite libraries.
  • search field can now search in the language of the current language pack, not only in English.
  • fixme.cmd no more fails if path to profile contains spaces.
  • column headers text returned to Find/add contacts... dialog.
  • fixed Strg+Click on a protocol doesn't filter metacontacts.
  • add service for get last seen string from Last seen plugin.
  • fixed possible problem with cyrillic file names in NTLM auth.
  • initialized OpenSSL locks. This can solve many OpenSSL-related crashes.
  • plugins now load immediately after installing.
  • removed "load/unload plugin" button from "Plugins" settings page. Use checkboxes instead.


  • ICQ
    • ICQ servers drops old auth scheme support. We deprecated old OSCAR protocol completely and implemented support for a brand new WIM protocol. See plugin page for detailed information.
    • removed "Free for chat" status.
    • added MRA support.
  • Jabber
    • fixed occasional crash during registration at jabber.ccc.de
    • if Kerberos authentication is available, it must be preferred to the usual NTLM auth.
    • added dynamic plugin's presence checker.
  • MRA
    • all MRA accounts will be converted to ICQ automatically.
  • SkypeWeb
    • fixed duplication of incoming messages.
    • fixed "Invalid data" error on audio/video call.


  • CrashDumper
    • Use classic dates option no longer depends on Generate crash reports option.
  • Dbx_mdbx
    • plugin now really change profile timestamp on exit.
    • sub's events wasn't marked as read, because of that SRMM could read all events into a message log.
  • SMS
    • deprecated due to missing SMS support in ICQ-WIM.
  • StdMsg
    • fixed text selection bug in the message log since 0.95.8
  • TabSRMM
    • fixed crash on plugin unload.
  • Toaster
    • fixed Start Menu folder path detection.