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List of things to do and finished one.

locally - means that changes are made in a local copy of wiki and they only need to be copied/applied if this version will be able to handle them (has an extensions and so on)


  • Namespaces
    • Create namespace for docs (locally)
    • Create namespace for content (locally)
    • Create namespace for translations / localizations (L10n) (locally)
  • Documentation
    • modify {{Documentation}} to use docs namespace (locally)
    • move all docs to a new namespace
  • Localization
    • move all templates with localizations to the new namespace and make needed changes to the templates
  • Links to exteranal images (embedded images)
  • Create guide for updating wiki
    • cache problems
    • $wgReadOnly blocks 'update' script
    • $wgOverrideHostname - [1]
    • don't run composer update in top directory
    • don't use --no-dev switch with composer for wiki engine
    • updating extensions installed manually
    • updating extensions installed by composer composer install
  • Wiki issues
    • subpageList bug with displaying parent item
    • SyntaxHighlitght doesn't work for lua
  • Wiki changelog
    • Create wiki changelog with major changes like extensions, new features and so on

Translation migration

Plugins that will be harder to port to translation system

Things to change/improve after import
  • AddContactPlus
    • change {{Tip}} to section
    • replace keystroke with variable
  • Boltun
    • link to "chatbot" explanation
  • BossKey
    • default keystroke as it was mentioned in [CS]
  • CmdLine
    • make the <command> translatable
  • ICQ
    • copy known problems to global
  • Jabber
    • port [RU] subpage about sending files
  • Download
    • remove PageLang after port of content tables to TranslatableStrings
Things to figure out due to translations migration
  • translatable templates
    • call using {{TNT}}
  • external links
  • automatically localized links to Wikipedia
  • Miranda's paths
  • how to replace {{Menu}}
  • how to replace {{Button}}
  • glossary items, especially after port of glossary page
  • dates format?
  • quotation marks?


  • changes to {{Plugin}} and its subpages / dependencies (or create a wrapper)
    • move table headings to L10n (locally)
    • change call-syntax to just one line (locally - not in 100%)
  • for default strings to mark untranslated parts
  • {{AddonLink}}
  • structure of the glossaries - wiki's desc
  • think of Template:Collapse (modyfication to our)
  • move deprecated plugins from Template:Plugins to another one
  • delete unneded "Readme" subpages

To add


  • CmdLine
    • Commands
      • structure (locally)
      • content/translations (locally): defaults, en, ru
  • Facebook
    • HiddenSettings
      • move HiddenSettings to the content namespace and L10n namespace (locally)
      • modify "template" accordingly (locally)
  • HistoryPP
    • HiddenOptions
    • Date and time formatting - examples
    • Date and time formatting - format
    • Text formatting
    • Text formatting - variables
  • HistoryStats
    • Supported variables
      • structure (locally)
      • content/translations (locally): defaults
  • Jabber
    • list of XEP's
  • Omegle
    • Commands
      • structure (locally)
      • content/translations (locally): defaults, cs, de, en, pl, ru
  • Tipper


To add


  • DisplayTitle - links to categories doesn't respect custom names



  • rewrite templates to use Lua



  • mw update (changes in handlings skins)
  • ...