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Plugins for protocols supported by Miranda NG.

File name Plugin name Description
TestPlug TestPlugName
Actman Action manager Plugin for managing different Miranda actions.
AddContactPlus Add contact+ Provides the ability to quickly add new contacts.
AdvaImg Miranda image services Generic image services for Miranda NG.
AdvancedAutoAway Advanced Auto Away An Auto Away module with some more options than the original.
AIM AIM Protocol AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) protocol support for Miranda NG.
Alarms Alarms Set once-off, daily, weekly and weekday alarms.
AssocMgr File association manager Handles file type associations and URLs like AIM, Yahoo, XMPP, Gadu-Gadu, Tlen.
AuthState Authorization State If a contact didn't authorize you this plugin puts an icon in front of the contact's name.
AutoRun Autorun This plugin is a simple way to enable/disable Miranda NG launch with system startup.
AutoShutdown AutoShutdown Adds the possibility to shutdown the computer when a specified event occurs.
AvatarHistory Avatar history This plugin keeps backups of all your contacts' avatar changes and/or shows popups.
AVS Avatar service Load and manage contact pictures for other plugins.
BasicHistory Basic history Alternate history viewer for History++.
BASS_interface BASS interface Un4seen's BASS interface Miranda NG plugin.
Boltun Boltun Chat bot in the russian language.
BossKey BossKey+ Enables option to shut Miranda NG into the preset mode by one key.
BuddyExpectator Buddy expectator Notifies you when contacts return or when they are absent for a long time.
ChangeKeyboardLayout Change keyboard layout Plugin for change keyboard layout of text.
ClientChangeNotify Client change notify Shows a notification when someone in your contact list changes his client.
Clist_blind BClist A contact list for blind folks.
Clist_modern Modern contact list Contact list. Display contacts, event notifications, protocol status with advantage visual modifications.
Clist_mw MultiWindow Contact List Contact list. Display contacts, event notifications, protocol status with MW modifications.
Clist_nicer Clist nicer Contact list. Display contacts, event notifications, protocol status.
Cln_skinedit Skin editor for clist nicer Allows inline skin item editing for Clist_nicer.
CmdLine Command line Lets you control Miranda from the command line.
Console Console Console log window for Miranda.
Contacts Send/Receive Contacts+ Allows you to send and receive contacts.
CrashDumper Crash dumper Crash dumper for Miranda NG.
CryptoPP Crypto++ Crypto++ library for SecureIM plugin.
CSList Custom status list Offers simple management functions to keep your extra statuses on one place.
CyrTranslit CyrTranslit Replaces the Cyrillic letters in the outgoing messages with the phonetically equivalent Latin letter combinations.
DbChecker Database checker Miranda NG database checker.
DbEditorPP Database editor++ Advanced database editor.
Db_autobackups Db autobackuper Ddatabase autobackuper plugin.
Dbx_3x Miranda NG database driver Database driver.
Dbx_mmap Miranda NG mmap database driver Database driver.
Dbx_mmap_SA Miranda NG mmap secure database driver Secure database driver.
Dbx_tree Miranda dbx_tree database driver Database driver.
EmLanProto E-mage LAN Protocol E-mage LAN protocol support for Miranda NG.
Facebook Facebook RM Facebook protocol support for Miranda NG.
FavContacts Favourite contacts Favourite contacts menu.
FileAsMessage File as message Plugin transfers files as plain text using the messaging service.
Fingerprint Fingerprint NG Fingerprint NG (client version) icons module for Miranda NG.
FirstRun First run Displays the Accounts window at the first start.
Flags Country flags Service offering misc country utilities as flag icons and a IP-to-Country database.
FlashAvatars Flash avatars Load and display flash avatars.
FltContacts Floating contacts Floating contacts plugin for Miranda NG.
Folders Custom profile folders Allows plugins to save their data to user selected folders.
FTPFile FTP File YM FTP a file to a server and send the URL to your friend.
GG Gadu-Gadu Gadu-Gadu protocol support for Miranda NG.
GTalkExt GTalk extensions for Jabber protocol GTalk extensions for Jabber protocol.
HistoryPP History++ Easy, fast and feature-rich history viewer for Miranda NG.
HistorySweeperLight History sweeper light This plugin can sweep system history and contacts history.
HTTPServer HTTPServer HTTP web server plugin for Miranda NG.
ICQ IcqOscarJ Protocol ICQ protocol support for Miranda NG.
IEView IEView IE based chat log.
IgnoreState Ignore state Shows ignore state of contact in contacts list.
Import Import contacts and messages Imports contacts and messages from another Miranda profile or from an external program.
ImportTXT Import TXT Imports history saved in .txt files from other clients.
IRC IRC Protocol Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol support for Miranda NG.
Jabber Jabber Protocol Jabber protocol support for Miranda NG.
KeepStatus Keep Status A connection checker.
KeyboardNotify Keyboard notify ext. Flashes your keyboard LEDs when you receive a message.
LangMan Language pack manager Helps you manage language packs of different languages.
LinkList History linklist plus Generates a list of extracted URIs from the history.
ListeningTo ListeningTo Handle listening information to/for contacts.
MenuEx Menu item ext Adds some useful options to a contacts menu.
MetaContacts MetaContacts Merges contacts from the same or different protocols into one.
MirOTR Miranda OTR OTR (Off-the-Record) plugin for Miranda NG.
MobileState Mobile state Plugin shows mobile icon in contact list next to contacts which are using mobile client.
ModernOpt ModernOpt Support for new options design.
MRA Agent Agent (MRA) protocol support for Miranda NG.
mRadio mRadio Mod This plugin plays and records Internet radio streams. Also local media files can be played.
Msg_Export Message export Exports every message, URL or file you receive to a text file.
MSN MSN Protocol Microsoft Network (MSN) protocol support for Miranda NG.
mTextControl Miranda text control Provides text render API for different plugins.
MyDetails My details Shows and allows you to edit your details for all protocols.
New_GPG GPG New GPG encryption support plugin, based on code from old GPG plugin and SecureIM.
NewEventNotify NewEventNotify Notifies you when you receive a message, URL, file or any other event by displaying a popup.
NewsAggregator News aggregator RSS/Atom news aggregator.
NewXstatusNotify xStatus Notify Notifies you when a contact changes his/her status, extra status or status message.
NoHistory NoHistory Plugin prevents Miranda from storing history.
NotesReminders Sticky Notes & Reminders Sticky notes & reminders implementation for Miranda NG.
NotifyAnything NotifyAnything Displays popups for custom events, triggered by UDP packages.
Nudge Nudge Plugin to shake the contact list and chat window.
Omegle Omegle Protocol Omegle protocol support for Miranda NG.
OpenFolder Open Miranda folder Adds a menu/toobar item which opens the main Miranda NG folder.
PackUpdater Pack updater Simple updater for Miranda NG premodified packs.
PasteIt Paste it Uploads the text to web page and sends the URL to your friends.
Ping Ping Ping labelled IP addresses or domain names.
PluginUpdater Plugin updater Plugin updater for Miranda NG.
PManagerEx Miranda NG profile changer Adds a menu item to change or load another profile of Miranda NG.
Popup Popup plus Provides popup notification services for different plugins.
QuickContacts Quick contacts Open contact-specific windows by hotkey.
QuickMessages Quick messages Plugin for quick insert predefined messages in message input area.
QuickReplies Quick replies Plugin for quick insert (or sending) predefined messages in message input area.
QuickSearch Quick Search Plugin lets you find Contact list contacts quickly by nick, name, email, UIN, etc.
Quotes Quotes Show currency rates and economic quotes.
Rate Contact's rate Show rating of contact in contact list.
RecentContacts Recent contacts Adds a menu item in main menu, which opens the window with the list of last used contacts names.
Restart Restart Adds Restart menu item.
Scriver Scriver Easy and lightweight messaging plugin.
SecureIM SecureIM SecureIM plugin for Miranda NG.
SeenPlugin Last seen Log when a user was last seen online and what users were online while you were away.
SendSS Send screenshot+ Take a screenshot and send it to a contact.
Sessions Sessions Sessions manager for Miranda NG.
ShlExt Shell context menus for transfers Shell context menus for file transfers.
SimpleAR Simple auto replier Simple Auto Replier.
SimpleStatusMsg Simple status message Provides a simple way to set status and away messages.
SmileyAdd SmileyAdd Smiley support for Miranda NG.
SMS SMS Send SMS text messages to mobile phones through IM networks.
SpellChecker Spell checker Spell checker for the message windows.
SplashScreen Splash screen Shows a splash at Miranda startup.
StartPosition Start position Plugin supports starting position of contact list.
StartupStatus StartupStatus Allows you to define the status Miranda should set on startup.
StatusChange Status change This plugin changes a protocol to a predefined status when you send/receive a predefined event.
StopSpam StopSpam+
StopSpamMod StopSpam mod
TabSRMM TabSRMM The most advanced messaging plugin for Miranda.
Tipper Tipper Tooltip notification windows.
Tlen Tlen Protocol Tlen protocol support for Miranda NG.
TooltipNotify Tooltip notify Shows a small tooltip above system tray area when a contact status is changed.
TopToolBar TopToolBar TopToolBar adds buttons in top frame for fast access.
TrafficCounter Traffic counter Adding traffic and time counters.
TranslitSwitcher Switch layout or transliterate Allows to switch a layout or transliterate or invert case of the entered text in the message window.
Twitter Twitter Twitter protocol support for Miranda NG.
UInfoEx User info ext Gives extended ability to edit information about your contacts locally.
UserGuide User guide This plugin adds the main menu item used to view Miranda NG pack user guide.
Variables Variables Adds support for dynamic variables in strings for plugins.
VersionInfo Version information Collects and prints information related to Miranda, the plugins and the OS.
Watrack Winamp Track Paste played music info into message window or status text.
Watrack_MPD Watrack MPD Music Player Daemon support for Watrack.
Weather Weather Retrieve weather information and display them in your contact list.
WhenWasIt Birthday reminder Notifies you of upcoming birthdays.
WhoUsesMyFiles Who Use My Files Scans for network users of your shared files and notifies you with popups.
XFire Xfire Protocol Xfire protocol support for Miranda NG.
Yahoo Yahoo Protocol Yahoo protocol support for Miranda NG.
YAMN Mail Notifier Mail notifier and browser for Miranda NG.
YAPP YAPP Provides popup notification window services to other plugins.
ZeroNotify Zero notifications Adds options to automatically disable notifications when a protocol is in a certain status.

Testing plugins

<translate> Warning</translate>
Plugins which are developed, but aren't suitable for daily use yet. They could cause crashes or data loss. Use them at YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Skype – Skype protocol support for Miranda NG.

Other plugins

  • IM_Updater (x32, x64) – plugin to automatically convert your Miranda IM installation into Miranda NG.

Dropped plugins

Outdated plugins with dropped support. They were moved into the core or merged with other plugins.