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IcqOscarJ protocol
IcqOscarJ protocol
Filename ICQ.dll
Authors Joe Kucera, Bio, Martin Öberg, Richard Hughes, Jon Keating and others
Download links
Stable version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Development version: 32-bit, 64-bit

ICQ protocol support for Miranda NG.

Known problems

Protocol doesn't support setting avatars larger than 64x64 pixels. Large avatars are converted to this size.


Rejected password

After updating to v0.95.5 you may not be able to log into your account. The message will be: Connection failed. Your ICQ number or password was rejected.

The reason of the problem could be the following. Up to v0.95.4 Miranda didn't support ICQ passwords longer than 8 symbols. If you have ever entered a password longer than that, Miranda would store the whole password in database, but send only the first 8 symbols to server. ICQ servers did not support more than 8, too. They recently increased the maximum password length to 16 symbols. So the change was made in Miranda to meet the standards.

Miranda v0.95.5 sends the whole your "more-than-8-symbols-password" which the server justly considers incorrect and rejects it.

The solution is to go to Options → Network → <Account_name> and re-enter your password (the first 8 symbols of it).

To use a longer password, you need to set the new one through the icq.com website.

Keep in mind that some programs (QIP 2005, Jasmine IM for Android) have not been updated for a long time and do not support long passwords. If you need such programs, it is necessary to limit the password to 8 characters.

Contacts are always online / not receiving "offline messages"

Todo: Describe the problem / workaround better here.

How to fix it:

  • Go to ICQ.COM website
  • login to the website with your UIN and password (don't login to web-based ICQ client!)
  • click on your logged user's nickname and follow My Profile -> Sessions list (website's right column, link)
  • click on END ALL SESSIONS
  • logout from ICQ.COM website

Another way:

  • add contact with ID aolsystemmsg
  • Send him 1 = Sign out of your ICQ sessions connected from all other locations
  • Send him 2 = Tell you how many locations you currently signed-in from.