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ICQ protocol
ICQ protocol
Název souboru ICQ.dll
Autoři George Hazan

This protocol plugin is no longer being developed. Use the Dummy protocol to keep your contacts and history. ICQ service stopped working.

ICQ-WIM protokol pro Mirandu NG.

Known problems

  • Residents of Ukraine may experience connection problems. Some IP-addresses belonging to Mail.ru are blocked in Ukraine. Use proxy or VPN.

Difference between old and new protocols

ICQ servers drop old OSCAR protocol support. We implemented support for a brand new WIM protocol, but it currently lacks some features.

OSCAR is the protocol that Mail.ru got when buying ICQ. This is what has been called "ICQ" for many years. It was implemented in all alternative clients.

WIM is a protocol that Mail.ru developed to replace OSCAR. It is simpler, more reliable and supports many of the things that OSCAR cannot. At the moment it is implemented in the ICQ 10 official client, Miranda NG, R&Q, and Mandarin IM. OSCAR and WIM are fundamentally different in some aspects.

Comparison of the capabilities of the old and the new protocol in Miranda NG

Login UIN+password UIN+password, phone+SMS-code
Single messaging
Group chats only the basic functions
Contacts (roster) storage server-side or locally sync with server at every login
Avatars 60x60 pixels big avatars
Send to offline
"Cloud" history (history loading from server)
File transfers ✔ (peer-to-peer filetransfers are not supported by server)
Stickers ✔ (receive as usual files)
Typing notifications
Groups management (delete, create, rename)
User details only some fields available in account settings
Changing own details
Statuses all statuses only "Online" and "Offline" are supported by server
Invisibility ✔ (selective invisibility for a specific contact is not supported by the server)
XStatuses not supported by server
Auth requests (other peoples can not add you without permission) MRA only
Mark messages as read
Getting information about when the contact read the message ✔ (with MessageState plugin)
Client detection only some third-party clients (using caps)


You can not connect to ICQ

If you are using a version earlier than v0.95.10.1, then upgrade to this version or newer.

Rejected password

After updating to v0.95.5 you may not be able to log into your account. The message will be: Connection failed. Your ICQ number or password was rejected.

Up to v0.95.4, Miranda didn't support ICQ passwords longer than 8 symbols. If you have ever entered a password longer than that, Miranda would store the whole password in a database, but send only the first 8 symbols to server. ICQ servers did not support more than 8, too. Recently they increased the maximum password length to 16 symbols. So the change was made in Miranda to meet the standards.

Miranda v0.95.5 sends the whole your "more-than-8-symbols-password" which the server justly considers incorrect and rejects it.

The solution is to go to Options → Network → <Account_name> and re-enter your password (the first 8 symbols of it).

To use a longer password, you need to set the new one through the ICQ website.

'"statusText": "Invalid Request. statusDetailCode 1015", "statusDetailCode": 1015' error in the network log

In most cases, the time is out of sync between your computer and the server. Check the accuracy of the system time. Synchronize the time in the operating system settings. Check the time zone, as well as the transition to winter time or summer time. Some users report that the problem was solved after changing the time zone to a similar one (for example, "UTC + 03 Moscow" → "UTC + 03 Minsk").

How to get a password for freshly registered account

For new users, there is only one way to enter into account — getting SMS with a one-time code. Use the "Sign in/sign up using phone" button in account settings.

Some contacts in the contact list become faint when you first log in with a new protocol

These contacts were stored locally in Miranda. For some reason, you never added them to the server contact list. Miranda marks such contacts as NotOnList and puts them to the bottom of the contact list. They will be erased after the restart, which may lead to the loss of history. You must immediately add them to the permanent list (item in the contact's context menu or open the conversation window and press the green "plus" button).

Some contacts changed their names to "[deleted]"

ICQ technical support response: This account has been removed for prolonged non-use. It can not be restored.

Contacts that use an official client, constantly switching between online and offline

Official ICQ 10 client goes offline after 10-15 seconds of inactivity and returns online if the user interacts with the client. For example, Telegram client behaves similarly.

This behavior came to the desktop from mobile devices. The fact is that when you receive certain notifications that are displayed on the lock screen or in the blind, you need to understand that they do not come directly from the service or program you are using (for example, WhatsApp or VKontakte). Receipt and display of such messages are carried out by a separate service, which receives them through the servers of the OS manufacturers (Google, Apple, and Microsoft, respectively).

Here is how it works. Imagine that you are using Android and you have decided to call your friend in WhatsApp. He selects your contact in the list, clicks the call icon and then sees the animation of the connection. At this time, his application sends a call to the WhatsApp server. Which, after processing the call, it makes a request to the Google server. In this request, if we translate it into a language understandable to us, there will be something like "display on the device with an application ID having such and such notification of an incoming call from such a contact".

This is done in order to save the battery power of the mobile device. Agree that the "phone periodically connects to Google/Apple servers" scheme is much more energy-efficient than a schemе in which each messenger (and there are often several on the phone) would work continuously, maintaining a connection with its server.

The desktop client simply copies the behavior of the mobile client.

How to find out which contacts are really unavailable

If the contact stubbornly wishes to use the official client, you can use the Last seen plugin. The plugin receives the last activity time from the protocol (when a contact last interacted with its official client) and displays it in the context menu of the contact.

In addition, Modern contact list can take this information from Last seen and show it directly in the contact list. To do this, you need to turn on the Options → Contact list → Row items → Second line (or "Third line") → Status message.

This information also can be displayed at the Tipper prompt. In the section Options → Customize → Tooltips → Content → Substitutions you need to create the following substitutions:

Label: lastseen_ago
Module: SeenModule
Translation: <prefix>Day|Month|Year|Hours|Minutes|Seconds to time difference
Label: lastseen_date
Module: SeenModule
Translation: <prefix>Day|Month|Year to date
Label: lastseen_time
Module: SeenModule
Translation: <prefix>Hours|Minutes|Seconds to time

On the same tab, create the following "Element":

Label: Last seen:
Value: %lastseen_date% @ %lastseen_time% (%lastseen_ago% ago)
Show only for contacts

Finally, in the ICQ protocol settings, you can find two useful options that do not allow contacts to go Offline immediately.

How to import ICQ history from QIP

Use Import plugin.

You get old SecureIM keys from contact every time you connect to network

Send any message to the contact, from which you get these keys.