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Version: 0.96.4

Rev: v0.96.4

Released: 15 November 2023

After the update, the first launch may take some time. In some it can be quite long (depending on the amount of history in the database), up to ten minutes on very large databases. Do not interrupt the process, wait for Miranda to start.
If the message log (the area in the message window that contains conversation history) looks unusual, make sure that the correct log viewer is selected in Options → Message sessions → Log viewer.
If you used Rate plugin and after the update, the rating is not displayed in the contact list, turn on the "Contact rate" icon in Options → Contact list → Extra icons.
Steam and Twitter protocols do not work. We are aware of this problem, but we cannot solve it yet.

Core and libraries

  • Cloud files (previously "offline files")
    • renamed "offline files" to "cloud files".
    • added Download cloud files automatically option to Options → Events → File transfers.
    • Issue #3584 added a confirmation request when opening an executable cloud file.
    • cloud files will be stored inside a usual folder for incoming files, not inside %profile_data%\\dlFiles.
    • the cloud file will be deleted from the disk when the event containing it is deleted.
  • Issue #3835 added Show password button to the database encryption dialog.
  • Issue #3723 added Db_autobackups into installer.
  • Issue #3696 updated hunspell to 1.7.2.
  • updated libcurl to 8.4.0.
  • updated libsodium to 1.0.19.
  • updated libssh2 to 1.11.0.
  • synced libtox with the master branch.
  • updated SQLite to 3.44.0.
  • Issue #3556 restored the protocol icon in the file transfer dialog.
  • the protocol icon in the file transfer dialog is no longer clickable (so as not to confuse users because pressing does not trigger any action).
  • Issue #3561 fixed random crash inside chat engine.
  • Issue #3571 the message about the missing database driver now not only informs but helps to download the driver.
  • Issue #3636 when you start the profile manager, the focus is correctly set to profile selection again.
  • Issue #3668 internal names of newly created accounts can no longer contain non-ASCII characters.
  • Issue #3786 fixed random crash on the window's destruction.
  • Issue #3805 fixed closing the options dialog window with the OK button when changing the message log.
  • Issue #3877 fixed saving settings on exit.
  • Issue #3878 fixed visual glitches after deleting an account.


  • ICQ
    • Issue #3567 implemented support for cloud files (the file is downloaded by the user by clicking in the message log).
    • Issue #3552 fixed crash on cancel waiting filetransfer.
    • Issue #3566 fixed detection that a contact's client has gone offline.
    • Issue #3757 fixed client detection.
    • Issue #3928 fixed crash.
    • Issue #3930 fixed display of incoming file descriptions.
  • Telegram
    • Issue #3667 added message edit feature (only with NewStory message log).
    • added ability to forward message (only with NewStory message log).
    • added error processing in message sending.
    • Issue #3884 "Saved messages" contact now changes its name when changing the language pack.
    • file uploads generate cloud files now.
    • disabled the "Send authorization request" option when adding a contact (not supported by the protocol).
    • fixed Cyrillic in file descriptions.
    • fixed correct FirstName parsing.
    • fixed receiving stickers.
    • fixed multiple crashes.
    • Issue #3771 fixed adding bots to contact list.
    • Issue #3797 fixed display of "Saved messages" pseudo-contact status.
    • Issue #3798 fixed adding contacts.
    • Issue #3883 fixed the inability to write to a contact with whom you have not previously communicated.
    • Issue #3921 fixed fake status settings.
  • VKontakte
    • added avatar support for group chats.
    • switched to LongID.
    • fixed authorization.
    • fixed visit profile for group users.
    • fixed long timeout on message sending to offline.
    • Issue #3823 fixed random crash.


  • Alarms
    • Issue #3890 removed the Sound: Speak option (has not been supported for a long time).
  • BASS interface
    • Issue #3819 removed the BASS library download link (there is no need to download it manually since the library comes with the plugin).
  • Clist blind
    • removed duplicate Options → Contact list → Disable icon blinking option (use {{Menu|Options|Contact list|Common|Enable icon blinking} instead).
  • Db_autobackups
    • Issue #3729 Number of backups to keep option is no longer grayed out if the automatic backup is turned off (this option also affects the number of backups created manually).
  • Import
    • added support for cloud files in JSON exports.
  • NewStory
    • added message editing feature.
    • Issue #2414 added more hotkeys.
    • added Ctrl+S hotkey to start search.
    • Issue #2415 added message direction option.
    • Issue #3530 added global history search.
    • Issue #3530 added bookmarks support.
    • added the ability to quote messages.
    • Issue #3530 added a message that the search found no results.
    • Issue #3576 added cloud files support.
    • Issue #3602 added "Copy URL" / "Copy path" context menu item for cloud files (downloaded and not downloaded respectively).
    • Issue #3613 added multiple selection of messages using the mouse.
    • Issue #3651 implemented smooth scrolling.
    • Issue #3655 added the ability to customize the font and color of highlights.
    • added TopToolBar button.
    • Issue #3662 added the "Copy text" menu item.
    • Issue #3768 added the History++ compatibility mode option (message selection in the message log moves when pressing keyboard arrows).
    • Issue #3530 when exporting history, only selected messages are now exported (if nothing is selected, the entire history is exported).
    • Issue #3530 sidebar in the history window is now resizable.
    • Issue #3621 improved default grouped message template.
    • improved keys navigation.
    • Issue #3626 chat entry/exit events are now colored as "other events" rather than as "incoming message".
    • Issue #3632 cursor appearance now changes when hovering over a link.
    • Issue #3641 history window contents are now updated in real-time.
    • Issue #3644 highlighted text no longer has a forced light blue background.
    • Issue #3653 message grouping now works not only in private conversations but also in group chats.
    • Issue #3656 the arrival of a new message no longer scrolls to the end of the log if it is not scrolled to the end at that moment.
    • the group chat's topic is now displayed in the same color as "Other incoming events" instead of the "Incoming message" color.
    • Issue #3657 selection of messages in the message log can now be removed by clicking in the input field or pressing a ⇧ Shift+Tab ↹ hotkey.
    • Issue #3779 template previews now show changes in real-time.
    • search can now be started by pressing Enter in the search field.
    • Issue #3646 removed useless buttons User menu, (User info, Send message) from system history window.
    • Issue #2392 fixed scrollbar behavior.
    • Issue #3606 fixed mouse wheel scrolling.
    • Issue #3616 fixed incoming/outgoing name color settings.
    • Issue #3620 fixed loading of the grid too early when opening a window.
    • Issue #3623 fixed line breaks in exported JSON.
    • Issue #3624 fixed crash when searching under Windows 7.
    • Issue #3628 fixed the unwanted scrolling of the log when the tab bar appears.
    • Issue #3629 fixed incorrect icon for outgoing messages in group chats.
    • fixed Home button behavior.
    • Issue #3633 fixed the unwanted appearance of disabled menu items after loading the plugin.
    • Issue #3666 fixed context menu in group chats.
    • Issue #3920 fixed missing context menu when there is no history.
    • Issue #3924 fixed the visual disappearance of history after the user refused to delete it.
    • fixed display of text/background color in the graphic preview of templates.
  • PluginUpdater
    • Issue #3587 installing a new plugin no longer results in the creation of an empty backup (since the existing files have not changed).
    • Issue #3708 added wildcard (*) support in [PluginUpdaterFiles].
  • SmileyAdd
    • added new standard category: emoji.
    • much less resource consumption, much faster execution.
    • fixed display of repetitive smileys if they go one after another without spaces.
    • Issue #3791 fixed crash.
  • StdFile
    • deprecated and moved to the core.
  • tabSRMM
    • Issue #3533 added indication (lock icon) for XEP-0384: OMEMO-encrypted messages (verified and unverified).
    • Issue #3588 added Send file toolbar button.
    • Issue #3602 added "Copy URL" context menu item for cloud files.
    • built-in message log settings are now hidden if a third-party message log is used.
    • Issue #3604 moved Automatically copy selected text option from common tabSRMM settings optins to Options → Message session → Message log.
    • Issue #3685 removed the "Feature enabled" overlay (green check mark).
    • Issue #3912 disabled the "Leave chat room" tab context menu item for the IRC server tab.
    • Issue #3562 fixed crash on nicklist hide.
    • fixed Food Network search.
    • Issue #3690 fixed text wrapping and cropping when quoting.
    • Issue #3701 fixed multi-line descriptions of toolbar buttons.
  • TopToolBar
    • toolbar buttons are now removed when the corresponding plugin is unloaded.
  • UInfoEx
    • Issue #3872 plugin no longer reports that settings have been reset if the user refuses to reset.
  • YAMN
    • Issue #3702 implemented saving column widths in the list of letters.
    • Issue #3742 added Force popups for manual operations option.
    • Issue #3706 renamed Don't show today's date and Don't show seconds options to Show current date and Show seconds.
    • Issue #3705 removed theNew Mail: Sound option (sound settings are available in the Options → Sounds).
    • Issue #3716 removed the TopToolBar button "Check mail" option (buttons can be configured in the TopToolBar settings).
    • Issue #3704 fixed hang when changing settings (because of this, we had to move the popup settings from Options → Popups → YAMN to the plugin options).
    • Issue #3715 fixed Execute application option field.
    • Issue #3717 fixed crash when Miranda shuts down.
    • Issue #3718 fixed the appearance of "unknown contact".
    • Issue #3721 fixed crash when clicking on popup.
    • Issue #3722 fixed checkboxes in popup options.
    • Issue #3724 fixed adding extra spaces to the email subject.
    • Issue #3728 fixed display of non-ASCII characters.
    • Issue #3730 fixed problems that occurred due to the absence of YAMN pseudo-contact in the database.

For developers

  • added SetMessageText function.
  • added MS_SMILEYADD_SELECTSMILEY - new service for custom smiley selector.
  • added SmileyAdd_LoadContactSmileys - helper function for adding custom smileys.
  • memory buffer unzip function moved to core.
  • removed SM_GetUserFromIndex helper.
  • removed UM_FindUserFromIndex helper.
  • removed MS_PROTO_RECVFILET service.
  • removed unused parameter flags from PROTO_INTERFACE::SendMsg.