Updating pre-0.94.9 version to 0.95.1 and later

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Old Miranda NG versions (0.94.6 and older) using encrypted Dbx_mmap_SA profiles must be updated to 0.94.9 at first and only after that – to 0.95.1 and later. These versions are too old to be updated by PluginUpdater. Please use installer-updater below.

Upgrading Miranda NG

For Dbx_tree users

Dbx_tree driver is discontinued, to switch to Dbx_mmap keeping all your data please follow these instructions:

  • Run the installer from this page over current Miranda installation. It will revert Miranda to 0.94.9 version with Dbx_tree plugin included.
  • Export settings to INI file with database editor and history with BasicHistory (per contact) or UInfoEx (globally).
  • Then you can start on 0.95.1 with Dbx_mmap as database driver, import settings, then history.

Upgrading Miranda IM

IM Updater plugin for Miranda IM updates it to Miranda NG 0.94.9 which can be afterwards updated to the latest version by PluginUpdater.