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Název souboru SmileyAdd.dll
Autoři Peacow, Nightwish, bid, borkra
Odkazy ke stažení
Stabilní verze: 32-bit, 64-bit
Nejnovější verze: 32-bit, 64-bit

Smiley support for Miranda NG. This is a service plugin and it requires an installed smiley pack to work.

Smileys (Emoticons) are images allowing you to describe your state of mind in messages. The images themselves are not sent via the network, but are instead sent as plain text which the receiving client then replaces with a rendered image. These are created by users and are sent with messages.


SmileyAdd has the following capabilities:

  • Emoticons in all message dialogs (StdMsg, TabSRMM, Scriver), IEView and History++ logs
  • Static and dynamic images for smileys in pretty much any format (png, gif, jpg, ico, etc.) as well as images packaged in DLL
  • Emoticons animation in a smiley selector window
  • Emoticons on contact list (Clist_modern), in PopupPlus popups, Tipper tooltips, etc.
  • Smiley packs per contact, per protocol and per transport (gateway between protocols)
  • Graphical emoticons in the message input area, thus it will allow you to see these images while you are typing a message
  • Stickers (if protocol supports them).
  • Supports sending Nudges and/or call any Miranda service from selector window
  • Supports plain text and regular expression smiley codes
  • Supports Unicode smiley codes


Installation instructions

Automatic method

The easiest way to install SmileyAdd is to use PluginUpdater (Go to Main menu → Available components list).

Manual method

Extract the zip file into the Miranda home directory. The SmileyAdd.dll should go into the Plugins directory.

Anyway you will have to manually create Smileys directory in Miranda NG folder and put at least one smiley pack into it. Note: to make the default work, the default smiley pack has to be in the Smileys directory.

Smiley packs

Smiley pack (theme) is a set of predefined images with character combination associated with them. SmileyAdd supports .msl and .asl smiley packs. Smiley pack specification page describes syntax of .msl and .asl files.

Pre-packaged smiley packs could be found here or here. Any smiley pack from SmileyAdd, IEView or nConvers sections is usable with SmileyAdd.

Note: SmileyAdd provides better validation for malformed regular expressions then nConvers. As a result some smiley packs working under nConvers will give errors under SmileyAdd. Although if these errors are fixed resulting smiley pack will work correctly under both plugins.

Per contact smiley packs

At first you need to create custom smiley category. To do that type the name of the new category into the text input field in Smiley Category part of option dialog and press "+". Now you can select this new Smiley Category for the contact. You need to right click on the contact, select Assign Smiley Category and then select from the menu appeared the category you want. To delete custom Smiley Category select it in the list in option dialog and press "−".