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This is a brief description of things that have changed in TabSRMM version 3, related to the development and usage of custom window skins.

Basically, there are 2 major changes:

The info panel

Because it was redesigned from scratch, it is totally different from the info panel in version 2 of the plugin. There are no longer any individual fields for the name, UIN and status of the contact. It's a simple drawing canvas on which the info panel will render the content.

Because of this, skinning of individual fields is no longer possible in TabSRMM 3 – the info panel will have a unified background and the fields (nick name, UID, status and so on) cannot have their own backgrounds.

A new skin item with the name InfoPanelBackground was introduced for painting the info panel background. It can be used like any other skin item.

The parameter ClipFrame in the [Global] section

It can no longer be used to cut away parts of the window frame. This change was necessary to make window frame skinning work under Windows Vista or Windows 7 with the Aero theme active (Aero doesn't like when you change the width of the window frames).

Any other skin items work in the same way as they did in TabSRMM version 2. Color themes from TabSRMM 2 also work, but TabSRMM 3 has broader support for color themes, so version 2 themes should be considered incomplete.

Skin loading and installation changes

The way TabSRMM locates and loads skins has been changed in version 3. This document describes it in more detail and tells you how and where you must install skins.