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A language pack (langpack) is a plain text file named langpack_*.txt which contains translation for all the strings Miranda and plugins use. You need a langpack only if you want to change the language to some other than English. All langpacks should be placed into subfolder "Languages" of your Miranda NG installation.

Installation and usage

Changing interface language

You can install langpacks using PluginUpdater (Main menu → Available components list), or manually by downloading a langpack and extracting the contents of the archive (including Languages folder) into your Miranda main folder.

To select and apply a langpack out of several ones installed go to Options → Customize → Languages.

If there are two or more langpacks in "Languages" folder, Miranda will use the one which comes first alphabetically at startup (e.g., in profile manager). You can specify the default language pack to be loaded at startup in Mirandaboot.ini by editing DefaultLanguage parameter under [Language] section, e.g.:



Below are the translations that already exist. Unfortunately, they can now be counted on the fingers, and not all of them are correct. But if you want to help - like with an existing translation, or add some other — welcome to Miranda's translators.

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