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Verze: 0.94.5

Rev: v0.94.5

Vydána: 1. října 2013

Krátký seznam změn:

  • New installer introduced.
  • Numerous fixes in Facebook protocol, including chat support.
  • MRA protocol was seriously rewritten, with group support added.
  • GTalkExt: pseudo-contact has been restored.
  • New core database helper functions for protocols.
  • Problems with Windows hooks fixed in many plugins (this bug could cause "Cannot find mircore.dll" errors in any launched program).
  • WebView plugin added.
  • ShlExt: plugin was rewritten in C++.
  • Return from idle state fixed in Clist_blind.
  • Update Icons option has been removed from PluginUpdater.
  • Unsafe *printf calls were replaced with their mir_s*printf analogs.
  • MenuEx: option Automatically refresh contact's details after they come online has been removed.
  • Numerous langpack fixes.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements.


Next time PluginUpdater is updated, all icon sets (e. g. Proto_Jabber.dll) will be listed among the available updates. Instead of clicking Update button quickly, those who have custom icon sets are to look through the list carefully and uncheck the stuff they don't want to update. You need to do this once, PluginUpdater will remember your choice.