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Winamp Track
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Filename Watrack.dll
Author Awkward
Download links
Stable version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Development version: 32-bit, 64-bit

Paste played music info into message window or status text.

Supported players

Supported formats

Audio formats Video formats Container formats
  • Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
  • Monkey’s Audio (APE)
  • Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
  • MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
  • Musepack (MPC)
  • OptimFROG (OFR)
  • OptimFROG DualStream (OFS)
  • Real Audio (RA)
  • Speex (SPX)
  • The True Audio (TTA)
  • WAVE (WAV)
  • Windows Media Audio (WMA)
  • WavPack (WV)
  • 3gp (3GP)
  • Audio Video Interleaved (AVI)
  • Adobe Flash Quelldateien (FLA)
  • Flash Video (FLV)
  • QuickTime (MOV)
  • MPEG-Streams (MPG)
  • RealMedia (RM)
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)
  • MPEG-4-Audio (M4A)
  • MPEG-4 (MP4)
  • Matroska (MKV)
  • Ogg-Container (OGG)
  • Ogg Media Stream (OGM)
  • RealMedia (RAM)


This plugin provides the following variables for the Variables plugin (but can also be used without it):

%album% album
%artist% artist
%bitrate% bitrate
%channels% number of channels
%codec% video codec like 0x30355844 (DX50)
%comment% comment from tag
%cover% cover file name
%file% media file name
%fps% 100*FPS (frames per second) for video files
%height% video height in pixels
%genre% genre
%kbps% bitrate
%khz% sample rate
%length% total song length (sec)
%lyric% lyrics text
%mono% "mono"/"stereo"
%nstatus% player status (stopped, playing, paused) - non-translated
%percent% %time% / %total% * 100%
%player% player
%samplerate% sample rate
%size% media file size
%status% player status (stopped, playing, paused)
%time% current song position (sec)
%title% song title
%total% total song length (sec)
%track% track number
%txtver% player version in text format
%type% media file type (extension)
%vbr% display 'VBR' if bitrate is variable
%version% player version
%width% video width in pixels
%wndtext% title from player window (usually "artist" - "title")
%year% song year (from tag)

In chat (and maybe message) window, you can use text formatting:

{b}text{/b} 'bold' text
{i}text{/i} 'italic' text
{u}text{/u} 'undeline' text
{cf##}text{/cf} text with color ## (0-15)
{bg##}text{/bg} text with background color ## (0-15)


/me {b}listening{/b} {cf5}{i}%artist%{/i}{/cf} - {bg10}{u}"%title%"{/u}{/bg}


  • Volume field has an original volume value in hiword and is scaled to 0-15 range in loword. Not all players supported.
  • Frame background picture transparency is not implemented
  • To obtain more information from foobar2000 player, download this plugin or use foo_winamp_spam plugin
  • FileInfo (called from popup) doesn't show video file properties
  • FPS saves as FPS*100
  • Frame text output is now left-to-right only

Known problems

  • If frame text uses %time% macro, text can't scroll
  • Foobar seeking with foo_winamp_spam may not work
  • Miranda can freeze if Foobar OLE interface used
  • Player can start again if OLE checks while it shuts down
  • In MP3 with VBR total song time sometime is not properly calculated
  • Default color of formatted text is color of text at insert position
  • Some macros don't work with some players. Replaced by '' and 0
  • 1by1 player can show wrong elapsed time value
  • Version numbers of some players are not displayed properly
  • Bad MP3 headers are not properly handled
  • Plugin can show wrong song when player scans directory for music files