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Language pack manager
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Dateiname LangMan.dll
Autor H. Herkenrath

Dieses Plugin wird nicht mehr weiterentwickelt. In Miranda NG v0.95.1 wurde Plugin in den Core verschoben.

Hilft dabei Sprachdateien verschiedener Sprachen zu verwalten.

Wie funktioniert es?

If there are several langpack_*.txt files in the main Miranda NG folder, after restart it will load the one which comes first alphabetically. LangMan plugin allows you setting the desired language for Miranda's interface (Customize → Languages). The rest of langpacks are moved to Plugins\Language folder. You need to restart Miranda for your changes to take effect.

Tipps und Tricks

  • Main menu → Reload langpack refreshes the current language pack. The translators may find it convenient to display recent changes they've done in the langpack without having to restart Miranda. (You can do the same with the help of Actman plugin as well.)
  • If you have Flags plugin or UInfoEx installed, LangMan will show flag icons in the list of langpacks (Customize → Languages). This also requires Locale ID Hex (LCIDHex) to be specified in Locale item at the beginning of each of the langpacks, e.g., Locale: 0419 (not 1049) for the Russian language.