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Menu commands

Quick connect – use this to quickly connect to a(nother) network.

Join channel – join a channel on the network.

Change your nickname – change your nickname.

Show the list of available channels – display a list containing all visible channels.

Show the server window – show the server window.


Identifiers are special variables that are translated to real values when they are sent. They are not translated in regular messaging, only in commands in the perform buffers and in aliases.

## – name of the channel the command was typed in (aliases only).

$N – N'th parameter of the command (aliases only).

$N- – N'th AND all following parameters of the command (aliases only).

#$N – N'th parameter of the command, but result will always start with # (aliases only).

%me – current nickname.

%mnick – primary nickname.

%anick – secondary nickname.

%name – your name as specified in the options.

%awaymsg – current away message.

%bold set – bold (RAW IRC).

%underline – set underlined (RAW IRC).

%italics – set italics (RAW IRC).

%color – set the color (RAW IRC).

%module – module name.

%network – current network.

%newl – sets a new line in aliases etc. Use this to create multiline aliases.

%version – current version of the plugin.

%question[="Text"[,"Caption"[,"Default"]]] – show user input dialog.

IRC commands

These are commands specific to this client:

/SERVERSHOW – show the server window.

/SERVERHIDE – hide the server window.

/JOINM <#Channel> – joins a channel minimized.

/JOINX <#Channel> – joins a channel maximized.

/ECHO – determines if input is echoed.

/CTCP – send a CTCP command.

/DCC – request a DCC connection.

/CLEAR [#channel|server] – clears the channel log.

/HOP <#Channel> – parts the current channel and joins the specified one, or the current if none specified.

/AME – sends an action to all channels you have joined.

/AMSG – sends a message to all channels you have joined.

/CHANNELMANAGER – open the channel manager for the current window.

/IGNORE [ON|OFF|hostmask] [+qnidcm] [network] – sets a default ignore ruleset for tha hostmask.

/UNIGNORE – removes all ignores that match the hostmask.

/BUDDYCHECK [ON|OFF|TIME X] – enables or disable the online notification for this connection. You can also set the interval in which the plugin polls the server (X is the seconds between polls).

/SLEEP X or /WAIT X – do nothing during X ms (ms should be greater than 0 and less than 4000).