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Update version numbers

Update version numbers in {{StableVersion}} (new stable build) and {{DevelopmentVersion}} (next/development version).

Update info about new stable release

In {{VersionInfo}} add entry for new stable. Provide its date and the rest of needed data. Use previous entries as example.

Update list of released stable versions

Add the new version to the list of released versions — {{StableVersionList}}. Use previous entries as example.

Create Changelog/<new_version_number> page

When the above described is done, you'll see "Development version is <new_version_number>" at the top of Changelog page, where <new_version_number> is a red link to not existing page. To create that page, follow the link. As its content add code from the below and save page/changes:


Move new plugins to stable

Remove hide-stable=1 parameter in {{PluginInfo}} for plugins that are being released as stable. This will add "stable" download links for those plugins on Download pages and in their plugin cards on their pages.


Update version numbers and links on all "Downloads" pages. Write the news.


Update banner on main page (click "Admin" then "Main" → "News and Newsletters"). Create and pin appropriate topics in "News" boards for English and Russian forums. Unpin previous topic.


Update release notes: realeases

Jabber conferences

Update and topics.