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General questions

What is the difference between Miranda NG and Miranda IM?
See: Features and differences from Miranda IM and Miranda NG changelog
How can I migrate from Miranda IM to NG?
See: Upgrading Miranda IM to Miranda NG
Can I use plugins for Miranda IM in Miranda NG?
You cannot. Miranda NG is not compatible with Miranda IM plugins. However, quite a lot of plugins have been adapted, so you can try finding another plugin for the feature you need. See Plugin list.
What are the plans of the project? Is there any roadmap for future releases?
See: Roadmap
What operating systems does Miranda NG support?
Windows 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8.
Why is there no Miranda for other platforms (e. g. GNU Linux)?
Porting Miranda to other platforms is complicated by wide WinAPI usage in its core and plugins. Of course, emulators like Wine allow Miranda to run on Unix-like operating systems but some plugins may cause problems: Template:Plugin/en with skin engine, Template:Plugin/en plugin, etc.
Where does Miranda store its configuration?
All your profile data (passwords, settings, etc.) is stored in a file with .dat extension which can be found either in the main Miranda NG folder or in system profile folder. It is essential that you protect that file against theft by all means. Remember that when you remove a plugin from the Plugins folder its settings remain in your .dat file.
Some plugins (e. g. Template:Plugin/en) use additional files to store their settings. Often these files have .ini extension.
Miranda crashed (hung up / got frozen / doesn't respond to commands). What to do?
See: How to create crash reports
What is a netlog and how to enable network logging?
See: How to create network logs


What IM networks does Miranda NG support?
See: Protocol support