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* Don't argue about whether something is a bug or not.
* Don't argue about whether something is a bug or not.

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Template:Languages/Report bug We want Miranda as bug free as you do, so help us help you. The most important thing to remember when reporting bugs is to provide complete and accurate information. Most of our time is spent asking for more information and fixing/updating information. So if you report a bug, please take the time to read and follow these recommendations. Our bug tracker: http://trac.miranda-ng.org/report You can easily access it using Miranda: Main Menu → Help → Report Bug.

Before reporting a bug

  • Update to the latest stable or development version.
  • Check whether the problem persists.
  • Search the issues for an existing bug report.

Effective bug reporting

Using the following tips will greatly increase the chances of your issue being noticed and fixed quickly.

  • Have a well-written bug Summary field (This is very important because you cannot edit it later).
  • Describe the issue clearly, in simple words.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions so we can reproduce the issue (We can't fix what we can't reproduce).
  • Attach screenshots if possible.
  • Attach a Version information report (It's desirable to disable bb-code formatting before attaching/posting Version information).
  • Attach a crash report if you are experiencing crashes.
  • Attach a network log captured if you are experiencing connectivity issues.
  • Specify the other elements of your report, such as: Priority, Severity (the importance of defect), Miranda Version and Component. You can also add Keywords.

After reporting an issue

  • Monitor the issues you report.
  • Provide feedback and additional information if requested.
  • Don't argue about whether something is a bug or not.