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Plugin:IM Updater
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IM Updater
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Filename PluginUpdater.dll
Authors Mataes, George Hazan
Miranda IM v0.8 or higher
Download links
Stable version: 32-bit, 64-bit

This plugin should not be confused with PluginUpdater for Miranda NG.
Only for Miranda IM v0.8 or higher.

The plugin allows you to automatically upgrade your Miranda IM installation to the latest Miranda NG version. You simply need to unpack the whole archive into your Miranda IM program folder and restart Miranda IM… et voila. IM Updater will:

  • Replace the core files and the appropriate plugins with their NG equivalents
  • Rename old Unicode plugins that have the trailing W in their names
  • Make a backup of any obsolete plugins
  • Allow you to choose either the stable version or the nightly builds as the plugins' source.

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