Using Process Explorer as the debugging tool

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If Miranda NG freezes, hangs up or consumes CPU without a reason, you may investigate the case using Process Explorer tool.

All you need to do is the following:

  • Download Process Explorer from Microsoft website. Run procexp.exe and accept license agreement by clicking Agree button.
  • Download Miranda NG debug symbols corresponding to your current Miranda version. Extract the symbols to any directory on your computer (Miranda main folder will do).
  • Point Process Explorer to the debug symbols using Options → Configure Symbols (Screen 1).
  • In Process Explorer pick up Miranda process, right-click it and select Properties… (Screen 2).
  • On Threads tab in the window that will pop up select the main thread. Under Windows 7 its name looks like miranda32[64].exe!wWinMain (Screen 3).
  • Clicking Stack button will open the window containing the information which you may copy and attach to your bug report.

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