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Template is used to get list of langpack download links on Langpacks pages.


{{Langpack list}}


Links in the template are sorted as in the table below – by ISO 639-1 language codes. Please keep this sorting when adding new languages.

The following table includes all langpacks Miranda NG ever had. Currently 10 languages are supported, most of those marked as Deprecated were dropped in revision 38a66355c9 due to absence of native-speaker maintainers. Also they were commented out in this template, so one needs just to uncomment them if any of them is revived.

Locale Language ISO 639-1 Description Support
0423 Беларуская be Belarusian langpack
0402 Български bg Bulgarian langpack
0405 Český cs Czech langpack
0407 Deutsch de German langpack
0809 British English en_GB British English langpack
0с0a Español es Spanish langpack
0425 Eesti et Estonian langpack Deprecated
040c Français fr French langpack
040d עברית he Hebrew langpack Deprecated
040e Мagyar hu Hungarian langpack Deprecated
041a Hrvatski hr Croatian langpack Deprecated
0410 Italiano it Italian langpack Deprecated
1041 日本語 ja Japanese langpack Deprecated
0412 한국어 ko Korean langpack Deprecated
0414 Norsk bokmål nb Norwegian Bokmål langpack Deprecated
0413 Nederlands nl Dutch langpack Deprecated
0415 Polski pl Polish langpack
0416 Português brasileiro pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese langpack Deprecated
0419 Русский ru Russian langpack
041b Slovenčina sk Slovak langpack Deprecated
081a Srpski sr Serbian langpack Deprecated
041f Türkçe tr Turkish langpack Deprecated
0422 Українська uk Ukrainian langpack
0804 中文 zh Chinese langpack Deprecated