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Buddy pounce
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Filename BuddyPounce.dll
Author Jonathan Gordon
Download links
Stable version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Development version: 32-bit, 64-bit

Automatically sends a message to contacts when they change status. Basically used for offline messaging for protocols that don't have it.


Right click the contact you want to send the message to. Choose the Buddy Pounce item. If you haven't edited the options yet the "simple" window will be opened. Any message you type here will be sent to the contact when they change status. The default behaviour can be changed in the options.

Pressing the Advanced >> button will open the advanced window. Here you have full power of when to send the message. Firstly, make sure the contact you want to send to is selected in the drop list at the top right. Next type your message.

Settings explanation

  • Send If My Status Is... — opens up a window with 10 check boxes. Your message will be sent only if your status matches any statuses checked here.
  • Send If They Change Status to... — is same, except it will send only if your contact changes to a checked status.

The next 3 options can all be set to 0 to ignore them:

  • Reuse Pounce — If set to anything but 0 the message will be sent the next X times the contact changes to the specified status.
  • Give Up delay — will not try to send the message if the contact doesn't change to the specified status after X days.
  • Confirmation Window — will pop up a window asking you if you want to send the message. It will be sent automatically in X seconds if you don't press Cancel. If set to 1024 it will never send unless you press OK.

The advanced dialog has 2 buttons:

  • Delete Pounce — to delete the pounce.
  • Load default Settings — to overwrite any settings with the default ones from the options.

The "simple" window uses the default options to send the message.


Plugin options found in Miranda options dialog:

  • Use Advanced Dialog — if this is checked then the advanced window will be automatically opened by contact menu item.
  • Show Delivery Messages — if this is checked a window will pop up saying the message was un/successfully sent to the contact.
  • Default Settings — are exactly the same as the settings described above. Any values set here will be used as the values for the "simple" window.