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Before posting netlog make sure it doesn't contain credentials. If you are not sure then try to contact developers directly instead of posting it online.
Netlib Log Options

A network log (netlog) is a text file, that contains all details about the Miranda's network activity.

To enable logging you need to:

  • Open the Main menu → Options → Network and press the Logging… button. This will open the "Netlib log options" window.
  • In the window check the "File" setting (in section "Log to"). You can also see the log path there, and specify your own if you want to.
  • Reproduce the error. If you succeeded, make a copy of netlog.txt file.
  • Return to the "Netlib log options" window and disable the logging.

Tips and tricks

  • Please do not edit the log, any info might be essential to fix a bug.
  • You can upload network logs to sites like, and share a link.
  • Plugin Console can show network log live.

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