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Reporting bugs/en
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  • Please, make bug reports to our issue tracker, so they won't get lost on forums or chatroom logs.
    You can easily access it using Miranda: Main menu → Help → Report bug.
  • If you are unsure about the problem or want to bring more attention to it, you can mention it on our forum or chatroom too.

We want Miranda as bug free as you do, so help us help you. The most important thing to remember when reporting bugs is to provide complete and accurate information. Most of our time is spent asking for more information and fixing/updating information. So if you report a bug, please take the time to read and follow these recommendations.

Before reporting a bug

Effective bug reporting

Screen 1: Creating issue

Using the following tips will greatly increase the chances of your issue being noticed and fixed quickly.

How to attach files

  • Attach files by dragging & dropping, selecting them, or pasting from the clipboard
  • Press Submit new issue (see Screen 1).

I know when it got broken

If you know things got broken in some version or at some particular time, then it's good because you can try different releases from different revisions and narrow down where exactly the problem started to happen:

  • You can either compile the revisions yourself (that requires more knowledge and time).
  • Or ask someone in our jabber conference to help you identify potentially problematic revisions and then ask to compile those revisions for you.

Then you can try to reproduce your problem on each of them and find out when exactly it got broken. With that info it's easy to reach out the developer who commited the broken commit and ask him to look at it.

After reporting an issue

  • Monitor the issues you report.
  • Provide feedback and additional information if requested.
  • Don't argue about whether something is a bug or not.