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{{TNT|Message/Deprecated plugin|<translate> <!--T:6--> In Miranda NG [[Changelog/0.95.11|v0.95.11]] plugin was renemed to {{Plugin|StdPopup}}.</translate>}}
{{TNT|Message/Deprecated plugin|<translate> <!--T:6--> In Miranda NG [[Changelog/0.95.11|v0.95.11]] plugin was renamed to {{Plugin|StdPopup}}.</translate>}}

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Filename YAPP.dll
Author Scott Ellis

This plugin is no longer being developed. In Miranda NG v0.95.11 plugin was renamed to StdPopup.

YAPP (Yet Another Popup Plugin) provides popup notification window services to other plugins.


  • easy to set up
  • no support for skins
  • minimal appearance customization
  • support for avatars

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