WhatsApp Protocol

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WhatsApp Protocol
WhatsApp Protocol
Filename WhatsApp.dll
Author Uli Hecht

This protocol plugin is no longer being developed. Use the Dummy protocol to keep your contacts and history. The protocol requires end-to-end encryption, which is not implemented in Miranda.
This plugin and some other WhatsApp client will not work simultaneously. If you use your Android version, you'll have to re-register Miranda plugin.

WhatsApp protocol support for Miranda NG.

Last seen info

Plugin displays the following in the contact list (25f87650da):

  • "Last online TIMESTAMP" – when a user is online currently.
  • "Denied: last online TIMESTAMP" – when the user is offline and has blocked "last seen". The time the user was last online simultaneously is used.
  • "Last seen TIMESTAMP" – when a user is offline but "last seen" info is available.

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