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VKontakte protocol
VKontakte protocol
Filename VKontakte.dll
Author Miranda NG team
Download links
Stable version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Development version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Other: Smiley packs,

VKontakte protocol support for Miranda NG.

Tips and tricks

  • in order to send sticker send [sticker:code] or [sticker-code] where "code" is the sticker code.

Hidden settings

To add/change these options you will need Database Editor plugin.

Hidden settings per-account
Setting Type Default Description
AlwaysOpenCaptchaInBrowser Byte 0 1 = Always open captcha in browser.
FilterAudioMessages Byte 0 1 = Ignore voice messages.
MaxFriendsCount Dword 1000 Maximum friends count.
ReqAuthTimeLater Dword 86400 Interval between "remind later" on friend request.
ShowVkDeactivateEvents Byte 1 1 = Show deactivate events.
StickerBackground Byte 0 1 = Non-transparent stickers background.
StickerSize Dword 128 Sticker size.
UseCaptchaAssistant Byte 0 1 = Use Captcha Assistant service.
UseStandardUrlEncode Byte 0 1 = Use standard urlEncode for sent messages (more traffic consumption).
UseStikersAsStaticSmileys Byte 0 1 = Use static smiley packs instead of downloadable stickers.
Hidden settings per-contact
Setting Type Default Description
FloodListingToPopups Byte 1 0 = Disable "... is listening to ..." notifications from contact.
ShowVkDeactivateEvents Byte 1 1 = Show deactivate events.

Smiley packs