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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[../General questions|General questions]]
* [[../General questions|General questions]]
* [[../Questions about customization|Questions about customization]]
* [[../Questions about the user interface|Questions about the user interface]]
[[Category:Tutorials (en)]]
[[Category:Tutorials (en)]]

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This is a compiled list of frequently asked questions. It is by no means complete or covers all aspects.

Questions about customizing the plugin

Can the tabs in Aero mode be customized?

Yes, see Customize the default tab images

Can skins and Aero be used simultaneously?

No. When you load a custom skin, all visual Aero UI features of TabSRMM will be disabled with the exception of the Windows 7 task bar features (like "per tab" thumbnails and Aero Peek live previews). Other than that, there are no problems with using skins under a Aero-enabled operating system.

See also