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This page is a translated version of the page Plugin:TabSRMM and the translation is 60% complete.

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Dateiname TabSRMM.dll
Autor Nightwish
Stabile Version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Entwicklungsversion: 32-bit, 64-bit

TabSRMM ist das umfangreichste Nachrichtenfensterplugin für Miranda.

TabSRMM covers all aspects of messaging: instant messaging (1:1 IM chats) and group chats (also known as MUC – multi-user chat, on IRC usually known as channels and on Jabber as rooms).

TabSRMM integrates all their functionality into a single plugin under a unified user interface. With TabSRMM, it is possible to mix normal- and group chats as tabs within the same window or split them into multiple windows.

TabSRMM hat auch ein eingebautes Benachrichtigungsmodul, welches Sie über den Systemtray oder Popups (benötigt ein Popup-Plugin) benachrichtigt.


Detaillierte, aber vermutlich unvollständige Liste der Funktionen:

  • Tabbed user interface with multiple containers and different modes of tab assignment.
  • Rich user interface, including a menu bar, a customizable toolbar, an info panel, tabs on top or at the bottom and much more.
  • A switch bar at the left or right side – a widescreen friendly replacement for top or bottom tabs.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for almost every important feature – many of them can be customized.
  • Display of contact pictures (avatars) in the message window.
  • Customizable message history format with custom templates and many font- and color setting for different kind of messages or events.
  • Support for IEView and History++ to display the message history. IEView allows for HTML and CSS styled history display with almost endless ways to design the message display.
  • Support for metacontacts with automatic subcontact detection.
  • Notifications module to show popup windows on incoming events. Can be customized in many ways.
  • Skinning for the message window UI and themes to import and export existing font- and color configurations with a few clicks.
  • An unattended send mode for automatically sending messages later (when a contact comes online) or sending messages to multiple contacts. See here for more.
  • Support for modern Aero features in the UI and – on Windows 7 only – for Aero Peek ("per tab" task bar thumbnails and live previews).
  • Automatically split long messages which exceed the message length limit of the protocol.
  • Customizable UI – almost any UI element can be disabled or hidden for people who prefer a simple and clean UI.

Technische Details

  • Geschrieben in C++ in der Win32-API - keine zusätzlichen Bibliotheken.
  • Aktiv weiterentwickelt und aktualisiert für kommende Miranda-Versionen.
  • Relativ vollständige Dokumentation verfügbar. Es gibt jedoch noch große undokumentierte Teile.
  • Open-Source, lizensiert unter GPL.

TabSRMM is one of three actively maintained messaging modules for Miranda. The other two are StdMsg (the default one, part of the Miranda core distribution) and Scriver, another messaging plugin that integrates IM and group chats into the same module.

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