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This is a compiled list of frequently asked questions. It is by no means complete or covers all aspects.

Questions regarding the UI

How to disable the info panel?
Open the container settings and uncheck the Show the info panel item on the Window layout page. The settings are per container, but unless you explicitly mark container settings as private for a single container, they are shared among all containers.
TabSRMM puts group chats in a different container, how can I have only one container and open all tabs in it?
Go to Message sessions → Group chats → Settings and make sure that Open new chat rooms in the default container is checked. You may need to restart Miranda.
The info panel does no show the local time for every contact, why?
Because it only shows a time when a time zone has been set for a contact. Time zone and location information is available from the User details option page.
Is there a way to completely disable the menu bar?
No, but you can set the menu bar to be hidden in the container settings dialog (window layout page). Doing so will hide it, but you can still activate it by pressing and releasing the Alt key without touching any other keys.
How to force the tabs into a single row?
By default, TabSRMM uses a multi-row tab control with dynamic tab width. Use the container settings dialog (tabs and switch bar page) to change it into a single row tab control. A single row tab control uses a fixed tab width, much like most browsers (for example, Firefox) do. Tabs will shrink when too many of them are open.
How to configure TabSRMM to automatically open message windows on incoming events?
See Containers in TabSRMM. There are different modes and options.
What about Aero Peek and skins, there is a warning message?
When you have enabled the Windows 7 task bar features and you are using a custom skin, you may see the following warning when opening a message window:

"Aero Peek warning!

You have enabled Aero Peek features and loaded a custom container window skin.

This can result in minor visual anomalies in the live preview feature."

It's exactly that: Only a warning and you can disable it for future cases by clicking the Do not show this message again check box. Depending on the skin, there might be small visual glitches when using the Aero live preview feature, but nothing that will have a severe impact on functionality.

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