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This is a compiled list of frequently asked questions. It is by no means complete or covers all aspects.

General items and error messages

I'm getting the runtime error when Miranda starts.
This error is caused by incorrect installation of Miranda and/or your profile. TabSRMM needs a writable profile directory where it can save some important files. If the profile folder is not writable, it will throw this error on startup. Do not install your profile to the application directory (e.g. C:\Program Files...) – user data belongs to C:\Users\Your_user_name and, by default, Miranda is using the correct location.
I'm getting warnings about missing or old icon packs.
Make sure to install a compatible version of TabSRMM_icons.dll. You can find this in the download archive. The correct location for the icons dll is %miranda_path%\icons (for example: C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\Icons for a default installation).
Why were some features removed?
Because they were either badly implemented/buggy (and not worth the time to fix them), useless or stood in the way of other, more useful, things. Also, I tend to remove features that are confusing or too hard to customize.
Can I request new features?
Yes, use the issue tracker. Make sure to search before posting a request to avoid duplicates. Also, it can be a good idea to check the roadmap for future developments. It may already contain the request.
What does "Contact has entered text" in the status bar mean and how can I disable it?
This means, your opponent has started to type a message but the message was not yet sent. Whether it will be sent is unknown of course, but at least, you know there may come something. This status bar message goes away when:
  • a message is received
  • the contact goes offline

There is no option for this feature.

What about X-Status display in the info panel?
While TabSRMM can still show the X-Status icon and -mode, support for other X-Status features was reduced. X-Status was a proprietary feature of the ICQ protocol and is officially no longer supported. Some clients can still set and read X-Status messages and Miranda is no exception, but TabSRMM prioritizes the normal status message, because X-Status support may vanish completely in future versions of the ICQ protocol.

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