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This page describes the tweaks which can be set under Message sessions → Advanced tweaks. These settings are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Simple toggle options, sorted in a list of check boxes
  2. Settings which require a numeric value

Some of these settings will not take effect until you restart Miranda NG. These settings are marked with an asterisk (*) next to their names. Whenever you change such a setting, you should immediately restart Miranda. Some other settings will only require that you close and re-open active message sessions.

Detailed description of the available settings

Advanced tweaks dialog

The following options are located in the list box in the top half of the dialog window:

Message window tweaks

  • Close current tab on send – when enabled, the current tab will be closed when you send a message.
You must also enable Message sessions → General → Sending messages → Close the message window on send to make this option functional. If this option is unchecked, the entire message window will be closed instead of the current tab only.
  • Enable unattended send – experimental feature required for multisend and send later.
  • Show client description in info panel- Shows the contact's client in the info panel. Not all protocols support it.

Error feedback

  • Enable error popups on sending failures – this option can be used to enable the red popups appearing after a message delivery had failed.

Numeric value settings

  • Message send timeout – this option can be used to tweak the timeout for detection of failed message deliveries. For technical reasons, the minimum value is 60 seconds and cannot be lowered. A lower value wouldn't make sense anyway.
  • Input history size – this setting allows you to tweak the number of messages stored to the input history of a message session. Whenever you send a message, it is saved to the history and you can use SHIFT+cursor keys to recall it later. The maximum number of messages stored is determined by this setting.