Skype protocol (Classic)

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Skype protocol (Classic)
Skype protocol (Classic)
Filename SkypeClassic.dll
Authors leecher, tweety, jls17

This protocol plugin is no longer being developed. Use the Dummy protocol to keep your contacts and history.
SkypeClassic users will have to create a new SkypeWeb account, history can by synced by SkypeWeb plugin (by option in its preferences or manually by per-user menu item).

Skype protocol support for Miranda NG. Classic implementation which requires running original Skype client. Unlike the plugin based on SkypeKit this one works under Windows 8.1.

Known problems

Unfortunately, Skype API doesn't work well with latest Skype 6 software. There are some known bugs:

Messages are not received in Miranda, although they are received in Skype
Problem with Skype API, no solution.
Own messages sent through Miranda NG are sent to the receiver, but they appear to time out in Miranda NG
Problem with Skype API, as a workaround check option Do not wait for message SENT acknowledgment (for some buggy Skype versions >6) in Miranda Skype options.
Contacts are not shown as online
Problem with Skype API, no solution.