Omegle protocol

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Omegle protocol
Omegle protocol
Filename Omegle.dll
Author Robert Pösel

Omegle protocol support for Miranda NG.

Chat modes

There are three different modes of chatting:

Standard mode
You chat with random stranger privately
Question mode
You ask two strangers a question and see how they discuss it (you can't join their conversation, only watch)
Spy mode
You and stranger got a question to discuss from third stranger (he can't join your conversation, only watch)

Available commands

You can use different commands:

Command Description
/help Show info about chat modes
/new Start standard mode
/ask <question> Start question mode with your question
/ask Start question mode with your last asked question
/spy Start spy mode
/quit Disconnect from stranger or stop connecting
(Note: You can reconnect to different stranger without disconnecting from current one.)
/asl Send your predefined ASL message
/commands List the available commands (as above)

Hidden settings

To add/change these options you will need Database Editor plugin.

Hidden settings per-account
Setting Type Default Description
TimeoutsLimit Byte Number of allowed timeouts before disconnection protocol.