New Away System Mod

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New Away System Mod
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Filename NewAwaySys.dll
Authors NightFox, Deathdemon, XF007, Goblineye Entertainment
Download links
Stable version: 32-bit, 64-bit
Development version: 32-bit, 64-bit

Allows you to handle your status messages in a convenient way. You can define an unlimited number of predefined messages and put them into separate categories. Also the plugin stores some number of recent messages.

New Away System requires Variables plugin to handle variables. Without it, you'll be able to put just a simple text in your messages.

If your message gets parsed incorrectly (and this happens in some rare cases, when you accidentally use some special characters in the message, like # character), try enclosing that part of your message in `quotes` (note: it's `, not ' !)


  • Categorized predefined status messages (a message tree is used to store them).
  • Optional autoreply with your current status message.
  • Per-protocol status messages, and (MRA only) per-contact status messages.
  • Optional notification through a popup that someone read your status message (works only for MRA, as it's the only protocol that stores status messages on the client side).
  • Optional updating of your status messages on non-MRA protocols every X seconds.
  • Multiple MRA accounts support.
  • A lot of options to let you customize the plugin behavior in the way you like.
  • Variables plugin support allows you to define status messages behavior in a very flexible way.


A brief description of the plugin options, just to make things more clear:

  • Default messages are used by default for each status, unless you set Use defaults… Use the most recent message in the Miranda Options → Status → Main options tab.
  • Each status can have one and only one default message. That's why it's not possible to "uncheck" Use this message as default for buttons, once they were checked – just select another message in the tree and set it as default.
  • You can set any predefined message to be default for certain statuses.
  • Also you can add/delete/modify/move your messages/categories in the Predefined messages category of the message tree.
  • Most recent status messages are placed in the Recent messages category. It's not recommended that you put your messages manually there, as they'll be replaced by your recent messages. However this category is editable too, just like Predefined messages is.