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IRC protocol
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Имя файла IRC.dll
Авторы Jörgen Persson, George Hazan
Стабильная версия: 32-bit, 64-bit
Версия в разработке: 32-bit, 64-bit

Поддержка протокола Internet Relay Chat (IRC) в Miranda NG.

Основные возможности

  • поддержка стандарта IRC RFC-2812 и прочих
  • общение в каналах путём отправки сообщений, уведомлений и т.п.
  • поддержка шифрования
  • поддержка прокси
  • чат DCC и передача файлов с возможностью возобновления
  • CTCP
  • обширные возможности настройки
  • игнорирование
  • выполнение при подключении команд, заранее определённых пользователем
  • подсветка
  • всплывающие окна (требуется плагин всплывающих окон)
  • алиасы
  • команды в стиле mIRC
  • прочее


What is a hostmask?
It is what you set under User details for each contact. Carefully used they will make the plugin recognize your pals easier.
What wildcards are allowed in the hostmask?
"*" (replace anything with any length) and "?" (replace anything with the length of one character).
I have ignored a user, why can I still see his messages?
IRC's ignore system works only for users not on your contact list (as opposed to Miranda's built-in one which works only for people on your contact list basically). This means you must delete him from your contact list after you added him to the ignore list to not receive any queries from him. By default channel messages are not ignored as that can create some weird conversations that is hard to follow. There is however an option to ignore channel messages by default in Options → Network → IRC → Ignore.
I don't receive any queries (private messages)… why?
You have probably enabled the option to ignore messages from unknown contacts in Options → Events → Ignore. This naturally affects IRC too. Consider allowing file transfers from unknown too if you need it.
How do I automatically join a channel when I connect to a network?
You can enter commands that you want performed on connection in Options → Network → IRC → Advanced. Choose the correct network in the drop-down list and add you commands in the box below it. For instance: to join #miranda automatically when connected to the Freenode network you choose Freenode in the drop-down box, then enter /join #miranda in the edit box below the drop-down box. Remember to push the green "plus" icon to save it.
Why do query notices appear in the wrong window?
Query notices (like most other) are never sent to the channel; instead they are sent to you. Therefore notices will be displayed in the active window. There is nothing wrong.

Reference articles

Twitch IRC

Twitch даёт доступ к чату с помощью IRC-клиента.

Скрытые настройки

Для изменения скрытых настроек вам понадобится плагин Database Editor.

Скрытые настройки учётной записи
Параметр Тип Значение
по умолчанию
MirVerAutoRequestTemp Байт 0 1 = Запросить версию клиента при добавлении контакта.