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Hardware HotKeys
Hardware HotKeys
Імя файла HwHotKeys.dll
Аўтар Eugene f2065
Стабільная версія: 32-bit, 64-bit
Апошняя версія: 32-bit, 64-bit

Current plugin version works only with PS/2 keyboards, USB keyboards are not supported yet.

Allows you to assign expanded multimedia keys like Office keys, Messenger, My Documents, My Pictures, My Music. These keys can be found on keyboards like Microsoft Natural and some others. They have no VK codes which makes them invisible for the standard Miranda hotkey function.

Additional buttons on Microsoft Natural keyboard

With this plugin you can use these keys while assigning hotkeys for the following actions:

  • Close Miranda
  • Show/Hide contact list
  • Read message

You don't need this plugin to use keys like Mail, WWW, Play/Pause, Next Track, Prev. Track, etc. They have VK codes and can be assigned through the standard Customise → Hotkeys dialog.