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GTalk Extension
GTalk Extension
Filename GTalkExt.dll
Author bems

This plugin is no longer being developed. Google disabled XMPP notifications.

GTalk extensions for Jabber protocol. Currently only Gmail notifications are implemented.


Is there any way for GTalkExt to notify you of new mail in the contact list?
If there is no tabs auto opening, it will blink in contact list (see Screen 1 for settings).
How to change the sound for new mail notification?
Sounds for new mail are not implemented. You can try and use XSoundNotify and give GTalkExt pseudocontact its own sound.
How to get that GMail notifications section in the screenshot? I don't have it.
Jabber account with as server gets this extra tab with GTalkExt installed. Pay attention to specifying connection host and port ( : 443).
Selecting Google Talk! template in the drop-down list Type on creating account (Screen 2) fills in those settings automatically.