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Facebook RM
Facebook RM
Nom du fichier Facebook.dll
Auteurs Michal Zelinka, Robert Pösel
Liens de téléchargement
Version stable: 32-bit, 64-bit
Version dernier: 32-bit, 64-bit
Autres: Smiley pack (with Emoji)
IEView template,

Support du protocole Facebook pour Miranda NG.

Main features

  • Support for searching and adding contacts
  • Support for requesting, approving and revoking friendships
  • Support for invisible status
  • Notification after someone remove you from his friends
  • Writing statuses from within your Miranda (posting to user's own wall and to wall of his friends is supported)
  • Getting newsfeeds from wall and new notifications
  • Shows contacts with "On mobile" status
  • With Fingerprint plugin shows the following clients of your contacts: website, Facebook App and Facebook Messenger



  • If you can't login in your Miranda, make sure you can login in your web browser. It may be some (unsupported) security check or Facebook's fault.
  • If it works in web browser but you still can't login in Miranda, try to install and open Database Editor (be careful with it!) and delete key DeviceID in branch Settings/<account's internal name> (e.g., Facebook_1) and then try to login again.

Hidden settings

To add/change these options you will need Database Editor plugin.

Setting Type Default Description
Locale String none Get Facebook errors in specific language: "en_US", "cs_CZ", etc (requires restart to apply).
NaseemsSpamMode Byte 0 1 = Don't add contacts when we send message to them from other instances, add them only when they reply.
NoChatMessageReadNotify Byte 0 1 = Ignore chat message read notify.
OpenUrlBrowser Unicode none Open URLs in different browser. The value is path to browser, in account's branch.
PagePrefix Unicode 📄 Prefix for name of "page" contacts (requires restart to apply).
PollRate Byte 24 Between 10 and 60 = Waiting time between buddy list and newsfeed parsing (in seconds).
SendMessageTries Byte 1 Between 1 and 5 = Number of tries to send message.
TimeoutsLimit Byte 3 Errors limit after which FB disconnects.