Miranda NG mmap database driver

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Miranda NG mmap database driver

Název souboru Dbx_mmap.dll
Autor Miranda NG team
Odkazy ke stažení
Stabilní verze: 32-bit, 64-bit
Nejnovější verze: 32-bit, 64-bit

Umožňuje čtení a zápis dat do uživatelského profilu: globální nastavení, kontakty, historii a další položky.

Encryption and password settings

Database encryption was finished in version 0.94.7. There are two encryption modes (the settings can be found in Options → Database):

  • Standard (default) – Only critical data are encrypted (passwords, security tokens, etc). All other settings and history remains unencrypted. Fast and effective, suitable for the most cases.
  • Total – All string settings and all events in histories are encrypted. It also makes Miranda much slower and creates a risk of losing everything you've stored in a profile in case of losing password. Recommended only for paranoid users.

Password settings can be accessed either by Set password button or through the main menu (Database → Set password).