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Database checker
Database checker
Імя файла DbChecker.dll
Аўтар George Hazan
Апошняя версія: 32-bit, 64-bit

This plugin is no longer being developed. The new database driver dbx_mdbx does not need to be checked.

Miranda NG database checker, the replacement of Miranda IM's DBTool.exe. Using this tool you can compact your Miranda profile database to remove dead space created during normal usage, as well as repair a large number of issues that could affect the database.

Tips and tricks

  1. Database check can be started from the Profile manager: right-click your profile and select Check database in the menu (see screenshot). Use Ctrl+2× ЛКМ Mouse-LMB.png to open the Profile manager on Miranda startup.
  2. There is /svc:dbchecker parameter to launch Miranda NG in service mode with DbChecker at once without choosing the service plugin in profile manager. Usage:
    • In your Miranda NG folder create a .bat file containing the following:
    start /B Miranda32.exe /svc:dbchecker
    • Alternatively, create a shortcut to Miranda NG executable file. Add /svc:dbchecker to the filename after a space.
  3. You can use PManagerEx plugin which will add item Database → Check database into main menu of Miranda NG.