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Crash dumper
Brak zdjęcia
Nazwa pliku CrashDumper.dll
Autor borkra
Wersja stabilna: 32-bit, 64-bit
Wersja rozwojowa: 32-bit, 64-bit

Crash dumper and version information for Miranda NG. This plugin creates crash reports when Miranda encounters an error and stops working.

CrashDumper provides support for

Crash reports

When Miranda crashes plugin provides:

  • Text representation of crash report
  • MiniDump representation of crash report

Files are stored in <Miranda Profile>\CrashLog directory.

Text representation

Text version of crash report includes:

  • OS version information
  • Internet Explorer version information
  • Miranda version information with build date
  • Miranda profile used
  • Loaded modules (DLLs) list
  • Stack trace for exception (with function names, source file names and line numbers, if possible)
  • Loaded Miranda plugin list with versions
  • Guess for plugin responsible for the crash

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