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You reached this page because Miranda NG detected that you are using profile database created by obsolete libmdbx version, and tried to fix this issue automatically, but failed. Don't worry, your profile was left untouched, so there's no risk of data corruption or loss. Unfortunately, you won't be able to upgrade Miranda to 0.95.11 or any future versions without doing this operation.

There are two possible reasons for this problem:

  • your computer lacks disk space or there is no temporary folder configured

In this case, you need to free more space and try to compact the profile again using the main menu Database → Compact. If you'd see a message box "Database compacted successfully", it means that everything is ok and you can easily upgrade to 0.95.11 when it becomes stable.

  • your profile is somehow damaged or corrupted

In this case, if the compaction procedure fails, you can restore a backup that can be compacted (if you have one) or to create a new profile, and on the profile creation dialog check "Run in service mode" option and choose "Import" there, then import your existing profile completely (choose the topmost radio button in the Import wizard page). This method will save all possible information that can be recovered from the existing profile.